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Over 55% of Americans have
listened to a podcast in 2020.
That number is up from 27% in 2013
which shows the rapid
growth of podcasting as a medium

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About us

Our first podcast

In 2017 we launched our first podcast ModernCTO. 5 years and 500 episodes later ModernCTO is the number one tech leadership podcast in the world


Our advertisers were successful, fell in love with podcasting because of the results and asked us to make podcasts for them. We had a significant amount of experience building podcasts from scratch and took on the project

Top podcasts

Today we produce several top podcasts and we’re having a blast doing what we love and growing the team

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Scope of work

Step 1

Podcast Launch

Creating Podcast Strategy, Brand, and Production Templates. ProSeries Media provides the following:

  • Podcast Strategy Assets
  • Podcast Brand Assets
  • Podcast Production Assets

Step 2

What you do?

Have a conversation

Step 3

Podcast Production

2 Podcast Episodes per month. ProSeries Media provides the following on each episode:

  • Pre-Production
  • Recording
  • Post-Production

Our values

Here are our values we live by day to day as a company


In all actions we look to do what we say we are going to do

Communication creates Clarity

Over communicate, if you feel uncertain talk it out

Think in Decades

Long Term mindset, over deliver, build to last, high quality work

Continuous Improvement

Small consistent improvements over time add up

Shine light on the dark

If we see something that doesn’t feel right, we talk about it immediately

Our executive team

Joel Bealsey


Adam Sage


Chloe Ferguson


Backed by
Florida Funders
Robert Harwood

Joining our team

If you are interested in joining our team we are looking for Associate Producers who are excellent audio engineers and Sales people who have experience in B2B Sales


Case Studies

Launch Lessons

We have honest conversations with the world’s brightest founders to unpack the good, bad and ugly lessons that will help you become a better founder, leader and visionary.

Adventures of Alice and Bob

Welcome to the Adventures of Alice & Bob Podcast, where we talk shop with hackers, thought leaders, and the unsung heroes of the cybersecurity world about the human element of being on the front lines of cyber attacks.

Modern CTO Podcast

At ProSeries Media, we utilize the exact same podcasting strategy we recommend to our clients. That is why the ModernCTO Podcast has become our single most predictable and scalable growth channel. We publish 3 episodes per week and utilize the podcast in two primary ways. We interview target prospects who could be a good fit for our service. We interview strategic partners & influencers with audiences of our target customers. As a result, we have generated over $600k in revenue within the first 12 months of running this podcast. We are consistently building and refining our podcast approach with this podcast so that you, as a client of ProSeries Media, are learning from those who are using the approach ourselves