Our Story

Launched a tech leadership podcast, as a passion project.
Skyrocketed to a global scale with exclusive interviews with digital pioneers, returned astronauts, and influential tech entrepreneurs
Started fueling our growth with a solid $1M/yr ad revenue stream.
Ventured into new realms at the request of our sponsors, creating custom podcasts for businesses, marking our first project into the B2B podcasting arena.
Enhanced our client base by curating 15+ distinctive B2B client shows, as we relentlessly continue our journey of expansion.
The party continues! Adding new team members and bringing on new clients!

Our values

Here are our values we live by day to day as a company


In all actions we look to do what we say we are going to do

Communication creates Clarity

Over communicate, if you feel uncertain talk it out

Think in Decades

Long Term mindset, over deliver, build to last, high quality work

Continuous Improvement

Small consistent improvements over time add up

Shine light on the dark

If we see something that doesn’t feel right, we talk about it immediately

Our executive team

Joel Bealsey


Joel Beasley is the founder of the acclaimed Modern CTO Podcast which began in 2017. Originally envisioned as a space for CTOs to share their wisdom, it rapidly gained traction, drawing tech luminaries like Microsoft’s CTO Kevin Scott and Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the World Wide Web’s architect. Recognized globally, it garners over 150,000 regular listeners. Joel’s expertise in crafting a prosperous podcast led to the establishment of ProSeries Media, which aids companies in launching their own podcasts.

Andrea Mesa


 Andrea, is our esteemed Director of Marketing. An alumna of Florida International University, she graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication. Her college tenure is adorned with academic accolades, including a six-semester streak on the Dean’s List. Actively involved with premier organizations like the American Marketing Association, her blend of academic and practical prowess ensures our marketing ventures remain cutting-edge.

Jesse Shirley


 Jesse is an adept Audio-Visual Engineer, with a prominent stint at NBCUniversal where he orchestrated unparalleled audio-visual experiences in Orlando, Florida. His prowess includes blending live musical renditions for Universal Studios, creating cinematic wonders, and pioneering innovative recording technology. Jesse also contributes to the Sound & Technology Advisory Committee at Valencia College, instilling his knowledge in future tech aficionados.

David O'Shaughnessy


David brings over a decade of dedicated experience in the dynamic world of sales. Over this time he has honed his sales skills and established a strong foundation for success, consistently exceeding targets and emerging as a top performer. Mentoring and training new hires by helping them harness their potential and thrive in the sales landscape. His commitment is to the development of efficient and effective sales process that drive success for our team.
Backed by
Florida Funders
Robert Harwood

Joining our team

If you are interested in joining our team we are looking for Associate Producers who are excellent audio engineers and Sales people who have experience in B2B Sales


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